Saturday, August 11, 2012

George Price: Photographer

Those that have read the Robert Price biography will be aware that Robert's brother, George, came to Idaho and stayed for about 2 years living in Bear Lake Valley. During his visit George tried to make a go of portrait photography. In the biography Poulsen records:

George was a skilled photographer, in addition to other attainments, and took many pictures in Bear Lake, some of which are treasured possessions in the old family albums. For a while, he set up a gallery in a tent in Montpelier, and devoted his time entirely to that business. But photography in those early days was not very profitable, and he justifiably grew discouraged. Robert would have been happy to see George remain in Idaho and make his permanent home. But George grew restless and departed, going first to England, then on to South Africa, where he remained the rest of his life, married and became very successful in business. So far as we know, the two brothers never met again. (Robert Price, p. 152).

The following notice appeared in the Southern Idaho Independent in November of 1885:

Is anyone aware of Price family portraits that we know were taken by George Price? They would have to have been taken between 1884 and 1885.