Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Law-Price-Juchau Annual Cousin's Meeting - April 2014

>The annual meeting of the Law-Price-Juchau Cousins' Group was a nice success. There were 28 in attendance. From the Price lines we had 16 representing the Susan Juchau Price line, 1 from the Mary Ann Price line, 1 from Elizabeth Price’s line and 8 representing the Joseph Stanners Price line. Each of these are children of Robert’s second wife, Susannah (Juchau) Price. There were none representing any of the children of Robert’s other wives: Matilda, Christina, or Wilhelmina. There were also none representing the following children of Susannah: Katie May (Price) Rich, George Benjamin Price, Emma Charlotte (Price) Clayton, Arthur David Price, Melvina Charlotte (Price) Ringel, Mercy Isabelle (Price) Kelsey, or Heber James Price.